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Looney Tunes is an iconic brand with a high-charged, active cast of characters. Fast-talking and quick-witted, their frenetic energy and audacious attitude make them funny and fierce.


They're unpredictable. At the mercy of their instincts, one never know what that wise-cracking bunny, neurotic duck, bigmouth rooster, pant-less pig, obsessed coyote, homicidal canary or romantic skunk will do next.


They Feel oddly familiar and can make us laugh until we cry simply by recalling something they did or said. Which is which is why we remember them, care about them and continue to enjoy them, generation after generation.

Tie-Dye Taz

Tie-Dye Tweety

Looney Tunes Asst.


Looney Tunes Asst.


Porky Pig

Foghorn Leghorn

BUgs Bunny



Daffy Duck

Wile E. Coyote


Fluorescent Taz Asst.

Fluorescent Tweety Asst.

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